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As guardians of the land, let us protect and restore it;
to leave a legacy for future generations.


We are a South Auckland based land restoration specialist with over 20 years experience.

At Unique Environments, we are passionate about ecological restoration and riparian planting throughout Auckland and wider New Zealand. We specialize in growing and planting native trees, revegetation planting, riparian planting, and wetland restoration. Our commitment to environmental sustainability and creating unique outdoor spaces sets us apart as a leading name in the industry.

We are passionate about plants, people and the planet.

NZ’s leading provider of Revegetation Planting

We pride ourselves on our ability to read the land and how best to restore it to its natural state. As a business, our focus is always on sustainability; we are in it for the long game. We always use high quality plants mostly grown in our own nursery, and see every job as an opportunity to give back to our precious earth.

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