About us

Meet Joe Scott, founder of Unique Environments

Joe lives and breathes the land. Having spent most of his life working closely with it, he knows it intimately. As a young boy, he was immersed in the natural world, with his father being a well known landscape architect (Dennis Scott), and his mother helping to run their nurseries.

Joes first job as a teenager was planting native trees for his parentsbusiness and he hasnt looked back. Now with Unique Environments, he is fulfilling his passion of restoring the land through native planting and revegetation.

When I go, I want to know I left something good”
Joe Scott

About Unique Environments

We are made up of a team of fully trained staff who share the same vision. We specialise in native revegetation planting including wetland and riparian planting.

Joe holds an Advanced Certificate in Horticulture from MIT and an NZ Certificate in Arboriculture Level 4.

We service the wider Auckland Area and Waikato zone.

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